Mr. Baxter Black is the funniest man you'll ever see -
and he understands the ranchers and their lives because
he is not only a well-known cowboy poet and humorist, he's also
a veterinarian.  His books, his CDs and videos and his
live performances will have you laughing from start to finish. 
   I've never had the pleasure of meeting him in person,
but I have been known, at these live performances,
to embarrass my husband with my uncontrolled giggles,
followed by the snorts I generate while trying to
squelch my squeals of laughter. 
 That Baxter Black is funny is probably not news to you.  ...

 ...But wait, this is ...


The Day Baxter Black Phoned

June 16, 2010

     Last Monday Mr. Baxter Black called me, personally, on my home phone, to tell me that he likes my Divine Bovine CDs and that he thinks I'm funny!  That's like getting the "funny seal of approval" as far as I'm concerned, so you can imagine my delight.  I listened politely for about 15 minutes while he told me he liked the songs, my voice, the music and the lyrics. I could have listened to him for hours...

     Of course, there was no one in the house for me to tell, so I called my sisters, neither of whom knew who he is, (maybe I should mention that they're not ranchers) but, both said "nice".  Then I called my good friend, Sharon, who is a rancher, and who was very excited about my news and good fortune.  That's what I needed.  Thank Goodness for my friend, Sharon.

     Tom, Cody, Donna and Donnie were hauling cows and didn't have time to share in this good news as they hurried in for lunch and back out.  They did indulge me a bit while I was putting food on the table ( a great time to get their attention) and I explained that having Baxter Black think I'm funny is like having Benny Goodman call to say I play good swing music.  ... Well, they didn't know who Benny Goodman was, so I said "OK, Glenn Miller" and they pretended to know.  I guess I'm going to have to come up with a better analogy.

     They were impressed, however.  'Cause Baxter Black they know - Benny Goodman and Glenn Miller, nah....

     After lunch, with no one else to tell, I decided to mow the lawn.  I promptly plopped my butt in a bowl of rainwater that had pooled in the lawnmower seat.  So there I sat with a big head and a soggy rump.  It didn't dampen my spirits, though, so for future reference, the "spirits" are not located in the ass area.

     I wanted to share this news with those who had been supportive of The Divine Bovines CDs.  And I want you to know that your support is as important as that of Baxter Black - you're maybe just not as well-known - Well, maybe to my sisters ...

     Actually, I wanted to brag a bit - and please don't tell me if you don't know who Baxter Black is - and I won't tell him, should I ever get to meet him in person.

     The next time you see Mr. Baxter Black on TV, hear his radio broadcasts, or see his books, CDs and videos for sale, know that he is a very kind, considerate man who took time out of his busy schedule to "make my day".

Note:  Following this, the Livestock Market Digest and many other Ag-related publications printed his column which he titled "The Udder Side", a column which discussed at length the cow-tunes featured on these CDs.  Since the articles have appeared in print, I have heard from people from many distant states who have ordered the CDs.  Thank You, Baxter Black!


"If I don't see you in the future, I'll see you in the pasture" .... Judy