I Am The Luckiest Person I Know!


Thank You, Tom, for supporting my silliness and for listening again and again to these recordings... and for sharing this great life with me.

Thank You, Rick Ellison, for singing with me - You are so VALU-A-BULL!

Thank You, Cam Cooper, for buying all those CDs and boosting my confidence.

Thank You, Sharon, for helping me make cow ears, for making sure those who need them have an ample supply of CDs to sell and for traveling with me.  You're a good friend.

Thank You, Baxter Black, for mentioning my CDs in your column, titled The Udder Side, July, 2010. 

       Your support of my CDs confirms my conviction that those who know about cows and ranch life will appreciate the humor and recognize their lives in these cow-tunes. *

Thank you, Chip, for believing in The Udderly Divine Bovine CDs.  Your support means a lot to me.

Thank You, Teri, for using this website as a class project. Your work is appreciated. And you looked good in the Divine Bovine Cowstume and Lashes!

Thank You, Carla, for gluing my lashes on  and being my best right-hand cow...You put the Divine in these Bovines.

Thanks to all who bought these CDs, for forwarding emails and spreading the word about The Udderly Divine Bovines. I appreciate your support!


I AM the Luckiest Person I know!