The MoosLetter Editorials: We Just Wanna Be Herd

are written from the Cows' Point of View by Judy L Williams.



~ The Divine Bovine MoosLetter Articles might make you laugh and they might make you think.

     They should, at least,  make you think about laughing ...or laugh at what the cows are thinking.  ~

Goin' Green

The whole world seems to be obsessed with "green" these days. Hell, we've been goin' green since the beginning of time and no one seems to appreciate us.

Recycle? Piece of cake  - or should I say piece of grass? ...We, like tricky magicians, can turn grass into protein ... yes, we really can, and it's not done with mirrors or deceit. We eat the vegetation that grows on ground that is otherwise unsuitable for business or uninhabitable. We turn that grass into edible and delectable protein.

And as an added bonus, there's a by-product created in the process, called, by those who want to be Politically Correct, Manure, which nourishes the ground and turns it into productive soil. And that's not all we do, while this process is going on, our hooves prepare the ground for seedlings that will germinate when they come in contact with the newly disturbed ground, allowing new growth in a previously unsuitable climate.  Kinda like a grass-powered roto-tiller.

So when you hear "going green" and then listen as people complain about cows and the damage we are doing to Mother Earth, remind them that we're the original Green Machines.

We're pretty damned good at what we do and we do it through the proper management of our ranchers, who hopefully can make a living while helping us help Mother Earth.

When you think you're doing your part to help the environment, give yourself a pat on the back. And the next time you see a cow on public lands or in your neighbor's pasture, give her a nod of thanks.  She's your friend and you might even have her for lunch some day.

"If we don't see you in the future, we'll see you in the pasture."