Don't be Afraid to Put on a pair of Cow Ears and Laugh Yourself Silly.

You Deserve It!

There's no Pretentiousness Here!

Just Good People having a Great Time!





I hand make each pair of cow ears and have made hundreds and hundreds of them. They have proven very popular with live audiences, and serve as the ice breaker at The Divine Bovines live performances.  You see, once you put on a pair of cow-ears, you can't be pretentious and the fun begins.  
These silly little items have become very popular in many states and a even a couple of Canadian Provinces. They have been shipped to England; they were worn with pride by total strangers at The New York State Fair in Syracuse, New York. The ladies who had so much fun with them, decided to wear them as they boarded their departing flight - laughing as they were photographed by strangers and asked if they were "famous."  An order was shipping in 2013 to a working dairy in Queensland, Australia.
It's been reported that they have been seen worn by a member of the outdoor audience on The Today Show. The 2012 Canadian Calgary Stampede Royalty surprised (and honored) me by wearing them during their promotional visit to Pincher Creek, Alberta. Four beautiful, gracious and stunning ladies with huge smiles had a lot of fun with them as they wore them on their silver crown laden cowboy hats. How fun for me.
These ears provided much needed comic relief for a grand lady when she was hospitalized at the end of her life.  I received a picture of her in her hospital bed, wearing Divine Bovine cow ears and a large smile. Her daughter sought me out to thank me for bringing such happiness to her mother. Her niece asked me to please keep on doing what I'm doing as it brings such fun to people. That was an emotional conversation.
So, don't be afraid to put on a pair of cow-ears and laugh yourself silly. You deserve it.   
Thank you.  Judy Williams
P.S. - A funny note: I posted on Facebook that I had made many cow ears one evening - one of my city-slicker Facebook Friends asked me for the recipe.
Made with Light weight foam rubber and glued to black plastic headbands.
The eartags are made of paper and are not suitable for use on real cattle.
There is a $2 charge to personalize the tags.