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Letters of Encouragement

And Support

Email from Cam Cooper, Owner of The Talon Ranch, Twin Bridges, Montana :

"Sure you can use my words on your website. I'd be proud to let you do that since, obviously, I endorse heartedly your fine work...."

Previous email from Cam:

 Dear Judy - Thank you for your gift of your new CDs. I finally had time to enjoy them uninterruptedly in my truck- and I loved them--especially DeJaMoo. I almost drove off the road I was laughing so hard over CowRAP! and Swingin' nearly put me in the ditch with laughter. Your voice sounds great, by the way.

Right directly I'll send you my order for a few sets. They are just so clever and enjoyable for us rancher types."

More Happy Customers:

Dear Judy - Please send a set of Udderly Divine Bovines to :(name deleted). Enclosed is payment. "Love 'em - looking forward to more!"  J D, Montana

Dear Judy - Thank you. I Like Your CDs! I'm retired but have a few cows and a horse. ...I saw your write-up in the Agri-News. It's a really great paper.   ...C W S, Sidney, IA - Rodeo Town, USA

Dear Ms. Williams - I was so excited when I read your letter I received about these CDs. It is so refreshing to know that in these hard days of ranching/farming people aren't giving up and create unique ideas to make an extra dollar by doing what they love ...Ranching in Montana. I am very excited to listen to your CDs, especially "Mama's Tied" 'cause we just got done calving and have an "attitude" chute where we tie those cows with less than perfect motherly instrincts. ...Sincerely, Heather Hartman, Fellow Beef Expert"   H H, ...Montana

Dear Judy - Enclosed is payment for one set of Udderly Divine Bovine CDs. I'm an old farm/ranch girl and my husband of 57 years was a cowboy. Wish he could hear these, he'd get a kick out of them, I'm sure ..Mrs. D,  Montana

I have enjoyed the CDs Cam sent me - enclosed is payment - please send another set. Thanks....B.D.,  Byron, TX

Judy, Enjoyed your CDs so much - so very clever and so accurate to ranch life.  Thank you....Ben, Montana

Judy - Thank you so much for the CDs. I enjoy them immensly. You are sooo clever....Bill, Montana

Judy - Would you please send a set of your newest CDs to my brother for his birthday?....enclosed is payment. We love 'em.  Vera and Andy, Montana

 "...these CDs are guaranteed to make you laugh. All in all, Williams seems to have learned the invaluable trait of being able to laugh at ranch life. After all, some realists resort to Valium or drinking when the market dips and plunges, but Williams does a fine job of "whistling while she works". These CDs would make a great gift for any rancher who deserves to loosen up. Or buy them for yourself - because you're such a darn good worker!...Jamie Henneman, Agri News, 2006

Hi Judy....I loved your web page………..You are so talented. Cowrap was udderly divine!!

I do want to order 2 of each #3 &#4.  I will send out a check for you next week sometime. You can mail or drop them off after that!  Have a Happy day!!    ....Julie, Townsend, Montana



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There's No One Else To Blame:

All parodies, lyrics and original music were written and recorded by Judy L Williams

All lead vocals* and harmonies were performed and recorded by Judy, as was all the music. 

The promotional material, packaging and CDs were designed, created, duplicated

and printed by Little Prints Charming, owned and operated by Judy L Williams.

(*An exception to this is in the song "The Neighbor's Bovines" on which the male bovine part

was performed by Rick Ellison.  Rick accepts none of the blame.)

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