When you listen to The Divine Bovine CDs, you're "hearing" a picture of me.


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This is Me....

What you hear as you’re enjoying these CDs, is a picture of me. …  

     I love to sing and play music and I love to entertain. 

     We live on a working ranch where we raise black baldy cattle

     and grow the hay we need to feed them.  The words to these

     parodies were written because I watch the cows and imagine

     what they would say about their lives here. 

     We have a good arrangement with them:

     We feed them; they feed us.

     Listeners who raise cattle for a living will appreciate

     these very familiar stories set to fun tunes.

     I’m happiest when I’m entertaining a crowd of cow-savy people

     who are willing to laugh at our lifestyle, while appreciating the

     cows and the ranches that provide us with this good life.

           This is me too...                                          


                                 ...doing what I do best.

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There's No One Else To Blame:

All parodies, lyrics and original music were written and recorded by Judy L Williams

All lead vocals* and harmonies were performed and recorded by Judy, as was all the music. 

The promotional material, packaging and CDs were designed, created, duplicated

and printed by Little Prints Charming, owned and operated by Judy L Williams.

(*An exception to this is in the song "The Neighbor's Bovines" on which the male bovine part

was performed by Rick Ellison.  Rick accepts none of the blame.)

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