You Might Think You've Heard  Heard This Bull Before....
             ... But While Some of Tunes may be Familiar,
                                   The Lyrics are as As FRESH as a WET COWPIE!

CD #3: DeJaMoo
1. CowRAP!
   Goin' Green and Flingin' Bling
2. I'm Branded Everywhere
   A trader cow makes another trip to the stockyards.
3. You've Got Me Stuck In This Calvin' Pen
   A heifer takes her own sweet time calvin'
4. Springin' 
   This heifer is surprised to find herself in this condition.
5. You Should Be Snorin' 
   Waltzin' around the clock during calvin' season
6. I Start Bummin' Around  
   This little snitcher finds lunch wherever he can.
7. Those Folks From Town  
   A noxious infestation invades the countryside.
8. We're Fooled, As A Rule  
    Herd Control
9. Say You'll Bring Some Hay Tomorrow
   "I'm addicted to that stuff you fed all year."
10. They Love Me Tender  
     Cow-ntry Fried and Delicious

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