Have we lost all our CowMan Sense?



Cowman Sense

   Montana recently lost its Brucellosis-free status, gas has risen to over $4/Gallon and diesel is another 50¢ higher.  We were offered $140/ton for our hay.  Unfortunately, we have to buy some.  It all makes you wonder why we stay in this business.  But we have a good life and we've learned to be entertained by those things we can't control.


   We treat our ranch and our cattle with care and respect.  It's a pretty basic concept and it's worked for generations.  With a little "cowman" sense and a good sense of humor, we'll survive and our children and theirs can continue living this good life.

   The success of the first Divine Bovine CDs was a pleasant surprise.  Since recording them, I've performed in places we've never before visited.  We've become friends with people who share our lifestyle and humor and appreciate good dance music.

   Now you can listen to 4 CDs which include parodies reflecting the cows' point of view.  If you enjoyed CD #1 and CD #2, you'll certainly get a kick out of #3 and #4.  These are all great "driving songs", so the next time you find yourself headin' to town to pick up swather parts, pop these in the CD player and let them liven up your road trip.  Then I hope you'll recommend them to the parts man to brighten up his life.

   As you listen, be sure to "THINK COWS".  I know you'll be happily entertained.