The Divine Bovines Story: One fine day, their rancher heard them calling to their calves in perfect harmony,  

so he took them to Nashville instead of to Market.  There they became famous when they recorded their songs From the Cows' Point of View.


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CD #1: We're In The Moood
1. I'm an Udderly Divine Bovine
   "and life is just fine for this Udderly Divine Bovine"
2. I'm Gonna Buy A Papered Bull That I Can Call My Own 
    Every cow's dream - her very own registered bull
3. Doodle Le Do
   About the cows' limited love life
4. Take These Chains From My Parts and Set Me Free 
    Natural Childbirth - with a little help.
5. Mama's Tied 
   This reluctant mother gets a little hands-on help from the rancher.
6. Talk About Tremblin' T*ts 
    A young heifer has a very hungry calf
7. Don't Rock The Chute, Boss  
   Burning memories of branding day
8. Don't You Ever Get Tired of Herding Me?  
   The futility of moving cows during the summer heat
9. Make The Wolves Go Away  
10. Hay, Hay Good Rancher  
    "More hay is the answer"

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