HOLY COW!     
More Fun From The Divine Bovines!

CD #4: For Heifer 'n Heifer
1. Hank's, Hank's Feedlot
    A young steer goes bad in spite of his Ma's advice.
     Merle could have written this one.
2. That Old A-I Glove
     "I miss the bulls that used to roam the field."
3. Invis-A-BULL
   Tattle-Tale - Bovine "kiss and tell"
4. Deer Flies Really Are A Pain
    Pesky pests can ruin a beautiful summer retreat.
5. Bags a'Bobbin' 
    Jogging to summer pasture with joyful anticipation
6. The Neighbor's Bovine * 
    A bull has a wandering eye and a lustful heart.
                                                             *Male vocals by Rick Ellison
7. Pardner, You Bought The Wrong Bull  
     Pretty, but not Practical
8. I've Got A Tag Here In My Tail  
    An unfortunate incident in the calving barn.
9. Grazin'
    Munchin' on some Wild, Wacky Weeds
10. Could She Moo?  
     Steer Clear of This Wayward Old Hide

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