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CDs by The Udderly Divine Bovines

Judy Williams sings Songs From the Cows' Point of View
If you know anything about cows or a ranch, you'll relate to these Cow-Tunes.
And If you're not Cow-Nected? Well, Just Listen to the Music and DANCE!
4 CDs to Choose From

  Cow Ears from The Udderly Divine Bovines

Complete your cow costumes with these
lightweight foam rubber ears mounted on a smooth plastic headband
The Eartags can be personalized.

Robert Lewis CDs

Original Songs by Robert Lewis of Post Falls, Idaho
Robert Lewis, Wild Country: Songs From The Heart

  Divine Bovines HOLDIN' Pin
Divine Bovines HOLDIN' PIN keeps your glasses handy and adds "cute" to your wardrobe.

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Contact: The Divine Bovines C/O Judy Williams
48 Highway 437, Toston, MT  59643-9736
406-266-5760 Email:judy@divinebovines.com

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